DRZ Quilt Dryer Timer for Automatic Washing Machine

DRZ Quilt Dryer Timer for automatic washing machine

Product Details

Product Manual

1.Main Performance Parameters 

Motor rating

Design No.:ABCDEFG
Rated voltage(V a.c):100110120127200220240
Frequency  (Hz):50/60

Input current (mA) :<15(A~D)<8(E~G)

Input power (W) :≤ 1.5

Switch Load:8A(A~D)5A(E~G)

Time Scope : 15min~25Hrs

Operating environment :  -10℃ ~+60℃

Mounting screws: ST2.9×(Does not include mounting plate thickness)

DRZ .jpg

2. Outline drawing 

3. Electric Circuit Diagram 


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