AIS-1 Auto Ice Selector for Frost-free Refrigerator/fridge

AIS-1 Auto Ice Selector for Frost-free Refrigerator/fridge
Product Details

1.Main Performance Parameters 

 Item: Auto Ice Selector AIS-1

 Rated Voltage: 12V±1V D.C(Constant)

 Input Current(Restriction): ≤1200mA

Stroke :  15±2mm
Operating time:≤1S/15mm
Tension force/Return force(kg):≥1.2  
Working Environment: -30℃~0℃               

Connector Type: Housing YEONHO 25048HS-08/Terminal 25045TS

Mounting screws:  ST3.5x12(Does not include mounting plate thickness)  


2.Outline drawing 


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