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Attention of the solenoid valve type

Jan 23, 2017

Selection basis

Solenoid valve selection should first followed by safety, reliability, applicability, economy of the four principles, followed by the six site conditions (that is, pressure, fluid parameters of pipe parameters parameter, choose electrical parameters, mode of action, special requirements).

Selection basis:

Selected solenoid valve 1, based on the parameters: path specification (DN), the interface

1) according to the pipe diameter size or flow requirements to determine the path (DN);

2) interface, typically choose flange interface >DN50, ≤ DN50 according to user need freedom of choice.

2, according to the parameters selected solenoid valve: materials, temperature group

1) corrosive fluids: suitable solenoid valves and stainless steel for corrosion resistance, eating clean fluid: use food-grade stainless steel solenoid valve;

2) high temperature fluid: to select the temperature of electrical materials and sealing material of solenoid valve, and to choose the type of piston-type structure;

3) fluid state to gaseous, liquid or mixed state, particularly distinguish when diameter greater than DN25;