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Solenoid valve selection principle

Jan 23, 2017


1, corrosive media: King should use plastic solenoid valve and the entire stainless steel; for strong corrosive medium must choose isolation diaphragm. A neutral medium, also suitable for copper alloy valve solenoid valve of the shell material, otherwise, the valve shell very rusty scraps to fall off, especially infrequent occasions. Ammonia uses the valve can not be used with copper.

2, explosive environment: you must choose the corresponding explosion grade products, open installation or more occasions dust should use waterproof, dust-proof varieties.

3, electromagnetic valve nominal pressure more than pipe maximum working pressure.


1, medium characteristics

1) gas, liquid or mixed state use different varieties of solenoid valve, respectively;

2) medium temperature products with different specifications, otherwise the coil will burn, seals aging, seriously affecting life fate;

3) medium viscosity, usually in the following 50cSt. If it exceeds this value, size is greater than 15mm, multifunctional solenoid valve size is less than 15mm, with a high viscosity solenoid valve.