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An Electric Damper Is A Device That Consumes Kinetic Energy

The main part of the electric dampers is suspended by the cable two weighing about 150 tons of weight objects, hanging in the 90 layer (395 meters). When the wind hit, the device uses a sensor to detect the size of the wind and the degree of rocking of the building, Electric Damper and through the computer through the spring, hydraulic device to control the counterweight in the opposite direction of movement, thereby reducing the degree of rocking the building. Its operating principle is like shaking the boat on the people, the body moving toward the boat in the opposite direction to move to balance. If the strong wind blows from the north, the weight is like a huge "pendulum" swinging north, so that the wind electric damper will produce a wind and the opposite direction, Electric Damper so as to resolve the degree of building shake, offset the strong wind on the building Impact. With this device, the acceleration of the wind on the building can be reduced by about 40%. As a result, even if people are subjected to strong winds, people in the building can not feel the shaking of the building. In addition, the wind electric dampers can also reduce the impact of strong earthquakes on buildings, especially the top of the building.

Simple description of electric dampers:

An electric damper is a device that provides movement resistance and dissipates kinetic energy. The use of damping to absorb energy is not a new technology, in the aerospace, aviation, military, guns, cars and other industries have long been applied to a variety of electric dampers (or shock absorbers) to reduce energy consumption. Electric Damper From the 1970s onwards, people began to gradually put these technologies into the construction, bridges, railways and other structural engineering, its development is very rapid. In particular, there are more than 50 years of history of hydraulic viscous electric dampers, in the United States by the structural engineering industry to accept before, experienced a large number of experiments, rigorous review, repeated demonstration, especially the long process of earthquake test.