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Anti-seismic Action Of Motor Damper

Motor damper generally used in high-precision, high sensitivity, high reliability of the advanced mechanical instruments, in order to achieve a reliable and effective numerical value, so that the machine to achieve a balance point, to overcome the inertia of the motor, the use of an auxiliary facilities.

The motor damper is a device that provides movement resistance and consumes energy. In the construction, aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automobiles, power plants, chemical plants, AC Motor Damper steel mills and other industries have already used a variety of motor dampers (or shock absorbers) to reduce energy dissipation.

All kinds of friction and other inhibiting effects of free vibration decay, which we call damping. The "special" components placed on a structural system can provide movement resistance, AC Motor Damper a device that consumes energy and is called a motor damper. And the motor damper placed in the structural system of the "special" component can provide movement resistance, energy consumption of the device, we call the motor damper. Since the the 1970s, people began to gradually switch these technologies to construction, bridges, railways and other structural projects, its development is very rapid. In particular, the more than 50-year-old hydraulic viscous motor damper, in the United States by the structural engineering sector before acceptance, experienced a large number of experiments, rigorous review, AC Motor Damper repeated argumentation, especially the long process of earthquake test.

Anti-seismic action of motor damper

In order to make the repaired and strengthened buildings to absorb the seismic energy more effectively, the construction personnel should set up special absorption elements of seismic energy in the building isolation layer, which is commonly known as motor damper. So as to increase the friction, AC Motor Damper to achieve the effect of damping.

If the net space of the motor damper is small and the upper and lower structures are not allowed to traverse, the petal-type motor damper can be used. Because the petal-type motor damper also has a reset capability in the horizontal direction, and has a certain level of stiffness, so with his parallel use of the rubber support can also be used to replace the rigid pier, but the top of the need to set a friction sliding surface, AC Motor Damper as a friction skateboard and reset motor damper composite mechanism. This kind of mechanism has the advantages of high altitude, no directivity and large lateral deformation ability, and is one of the better isolation components.