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Characteristics Of Defrosting Timer

Aug 28, 2017

Defrost timer is automatic frost, do not manually to adjust, usually the refrigerator compressor run cumulative to the rated working time value (about 8 hours), defrost timer will automatically turn to the status of Frost, stop the compressor operation, electrify heating cream heating tube. After the defrosting is finished, defrost timer will automatically turn into refrigeration state, blackout heating pipe, electric power compressor.

defrosting timer is the control of the original frost heater work, the air-cooled refrigerator is also known as frost-free refrigerator, when defrosting timer will give the defrosting heater power to achieve the function of defrosting, in fact, do not use artificial defrosting rather than real frost, Defrost Timer Relay it calculates the working cycle of the compressor, the defrosting circuit is to automatically defrost the refrigerator function, Defrost Timer Relay the general cumulative compressor work 8 hours will execute the Frost command, at this time the compressor does not work the frost circuit only in the air-cooled refrigerator to have

defrosting timer is an important component of the control circuit of frost-free refrigerator. It can control the time interval of frost, control the operation of the defrosting heater regularly, and defrost the refrigerator automatically. defrosting Timer timing motor and compressor operation, Defrost Timer Relay when the compressor cumulative work hours (usually about 8h). The evaporator will have a layer of frost. At this time, the defrosting timer switch will automatically convert to the defrosting circuit, Defrost Timer Relay while cutting off the defrosting timer motor and compressor power supply, and then the evaporator and other components of the cream. After the defrosting is finished, Defrost Timer Relay defrost timer switch is automatically converted to the refrigeration circuit, the compressor restarts, defrost timer again.

The defrosting timer consists of miniature motor, gear turning box and contact cam mechanism. It can be divided into mechanical defrost timer and electronic defrost timer.

Defrost timer structure.

1 Mechanical defrosting timer by the timing motor and a group of contacts, the contact action time is equal to the cumulative operation of the compressor time, the interval according to different models and different, usually 8h action once, the defrosting time of about 10min. The frost layer dissolves, Defrost Timer Relay the bimetallic switch jumps off, and the defrosting ends. Because at this time defrost timer switch is still in the position of 1-3, the timer motor can also rotate normally. 2min, switch from 3 to 2, connected to the compressor and fan, refrigerator start refrigeration cycle, defrosting timer into the next round of frost timing.

2 The electronic defrosting timer is controlled by the microcomputer to control the whole frost process. Defrost Timer Relay It is characterized by the use of electronic counters to replace mechanical timing motors.