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Compact Structure Of Electric Damper

The action of the electric damper is to provide the movement of the resistance, to reduce the energy of the device. In the construction, aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automobiles, power plants, chemical plants, steel mills and other industries have already used a variety of electric dampers (or shock absorbers) to reduce energy dissipation.

As you know, all kinds of friction and other inhibiting effects of free vibration decay, we call it damping. The "special" components placed on the structural system can provide resistance to movement, Electric Damper a device that consumes less energy, and is called an electric damper.

Cargo impact on the shelves, may cause damage to the cargo, operator safety hazards and the overall structure of the shelves damaged. And the electric damper plays a very important role in it. Electric Damper The electric damper in the gravity racking, also known as the reducer, is mainly used to eliminate the gravitational acceleration of the goods produced in the gravity racking, so that the goods can be smooth and slow along the track to eliminate the hidden danger. Ensure the safety of the goods and operators. Electric Damper The damping can be divided into external and built-in type.

Electric Damper Features: the use of magnets to generate damping effect, because no contact, no sliding friction, so the torque of the output is stable and lasting.

Changing the angle of one of the magnets can get different attractions, so the adjustment is simple.

The transmission wheel is made of slingshot glue, Electric Damper and the enameled wire is rolled forward to avoid scratching the skin film.

The rotational parts are made of lightweight and tightly fastened materials, Electric Damper and the moment of inertia is small.

Compact structure, easy installation.