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Defrost Timer Basic Principle

How to repair defrost timer

If the compressor is not running, it may be that the defrost timer has failed. This part is located near the compressor. The method for detecting the defrost timer is as follows:

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator.

Step 2: Disconnect the wires between the timer and the timer motor. Unscrew the two set screws and remove the timer from the bracket.

Step 3: Set the multimeter to RX1 to detect the defrost timer. Defrost Timer Relay Place the two probes of the multimeter on the two wires of the defrost timer (not the motor), and then turn the timer's screw control shaft until it clicks. If there is no problem with the defrost timer, the meter's reading should be zero; Defrost Timer Relay if the pointer goes to another position, the defrost timer is faulty. Replace it with a new timer of the same type.

Defrost timer basic principles:

After the refrigerator starts, the temperature drops. When the defrost sensor temperature is below 5 ℃ when the 8-hour timer operation, the time is higher than 7 ℃ when the timer cleared. 8 hours to the time, defrost began. Defrosting, the heating wire work, Defrost Timer Relay up to 30 minutes or defrost sensor higher than 10 ℃ when the hot wire to stop working, heating wire to stop working for 10 minutes after the end of defrost. restart. Such as control failure, defrosting fuse will be disconnected, so as to avoid accidents. Defrost Timer Relay During the defrosting process, the press does not work.

The defrost timer includes a housing, a power part and an external electrode, characterized in that it comprises a deceleration transmission mechanism and an electrode control mechanism, the power part is provided with a power main shaft with a transmission gear, the speed reduction transmission mechanism comprises a multi- The center of the reduction gear is provided with a central rotary shaft with gear teeth and the gear teeth of the lower gear of the lower gear, and the gear teeth of the reduction gears of the first stage are engaged with the drive teeth of the power main shaft, The gears of the last stage of the reduction gear drive the electrode control mechanism, Defrost Timer Relay and the speed reduction transmission mechanism further includes a shaped chuck mounted on the center shaft of a reduction gear, an elastic member connected to the profiled chuck, Defrost Timer Relay There is provided a sharp corner formed by intersecting a straight line and a smooth convex curve, which extends into the tooth groove between the transmission teeth of the power spindle. The utility model is effective in preventing the reverse rotation of the power spindle to ensure the precision and effect of the defrosting time.