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Defrost Timer Can Automatically Complete A Series Of Defrosting Operation

Nov 03, 2017

Fully automatic frost refers to the refrigerator in the defrosting process, do not need to operate any button or switch, you can automatically complete a series of defrosting operation. Fully automatic frost device generally has three forms: basic automatic frost device, automatic frost device, automatic frost device. Defrost Timer Relay The timer used in the fully automatic frost device is called a defrost timer. The internal timer consists of a micro motor, a gear box, a cam, a movable contact and a stationary contact. The external is equipped with 4 connection terminals and a hand control Knob

The defrosting timer comprises a casing and a built-in circuit board. The circuit of the defrosting timer is composed of a power circuit, a smart timing chip, Defrost Timer Relay a monitoring circuit and a control circuit, wherein the power circuit is respectively connected with a smart timing chip, a monitoring circuit and a control circuit, Intelligent timing chip also through the monitoring signal lines, control signal lines and monitoring circuits, control circuits ...

The function of the defrost timer is to periodically control the defrost heater to heat and the length of the heating time.

Composition and working principle

Defrosting timer by the gearbox, motor, motor winding terminals, Defrost Timer Relay switch boxes (contacts) and so on.

The switch in the defrost timer is not only connected in series with the compressor supply circuit, but also controls the defrost supply circuit. Defrost timer is energized, the internal motor rotation, drive gear rotation, and then drive the cam to do intermittent movement, Defrost Timer Relay every 8h the cam switch to turn the defrost heater power supply circuit, start defrosting. Turn on the defrosting power supply circuit, cut off the compressor power supply circuit, the compressor stops working, the rest of the time connected to the compressor power supply circuit.

Defrosting timer shape and external structure

Defrost timer circuit in the circuit action time set at every 8h (according to the manufacturer's design, time varies) action time.

After the compressor is operated for 8h, the defrost timer disconnects the circuit to the compressor, switches on the bimetallic defrost thermostat and the defrost heater circuit, Defrost Timer Relay and starts to defrost the evaporator. Defrosting timer control defrosting time is generally 15 ~ 30min.

After the frosting on the surface of the evaporator melts, the temperature inside the box rises to 10 to 16 ° C, the bimetal defrosting thermostat turns off the defrosting contact, the defrosting heater stops heating, and the defrosting timer starts next Cycle timing.

Defrost timer automatic detection and sorting: ≤ 500 The system display includes: single shift (7 hours) test capacity ≥ 1500. The testing process is as follows. The system then test the next product, if any, introduce the The system design idea, the computer continues to accumulate statistics. Defrost Timer Relay The system testing device composition shown in Figure 4, the system structure from entering the inspection station, Defrost Timer Relay head run to megohm test point, you can load the workpiece for testing Slightly.) And then equipment self-test, its testing. Atmospheric pressure, the system works Refrigerator defrost timer Microcomputer automatic detection sorting system