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Difference Between Electric Valves And Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valve is a solenoid Coil magnetic appeal to overcome the spring pressure valve core, an electromagnetic coil, the structure is simple, cheap, and just switch;

Power is driven by the motor of the valve stem and valve core, electric valves (shutoff valve) and the control valve. Shutoff valves are two-work that is fully open and fully closed, control valve is mounted above the electric valve positioner, through dynamic stability of closed-loop regulation to keep the valve in one position.

Use comparison of electric valves and solenoid valves

Solenoid valve: used to switch control of the liquid and gas pipes, and two DO is control. General controls for small pipes.

Electric valves: for liquid, gas and wind system analog adjustment of pipe flow, is the AI controlled. Large valves and motorized valve can also be used in the control of wind system controlled by two switches.

Solenoid valve: can only be used as a switch, is DO control can only be used for small piping control, common in pipe DN50 and below.

Electric valve: AI feedback signal, can be controlled by AO or DO, relatively common in large pipes and air valve.