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Drying Timer Performance

Aug 07, 2017

What are the precautions for using the dryer timer?

What are the points we used when using the dryer timer?

1: each time you use, should be planned in advance time, so as not to screw the head, increase the timer use time.

2: rotating the timer, the force should be uniform, do not force too much to avoid damage to internal institutions.

3: dryer timer in the zero or full trip, Dryer Timers do not twist back and forth, so as not to damage the plastic positioning file.

4: Although the timer has a forced reverse function, but the use should try to avoid unnecessary reversal, so as not to damage the machine or reduce the service life.

5: Do not push and pull the timer knob, so as not to loose the internal fasteners or dislocation of the parts, damage the timing performance.

6: timer water was wet, to dry in time dehydration machine. Because the timer has a leak-proof measure, it is not a sealed structure. Therefore, Dryer Timers after the water is infiltrated, it is likely to cause internal rust and reduce the electrical insulation performance.

7: non-staff do not play with the timer, the dryer is not used, the application of cloth cover up.

8: dryer timer out of the fault, do not tamper with, if confused badly, the situation is worse, loss of timer performance. So you must have experienced people or manufacturers and towel dryer manufacturers.

The drying timer is used to set the time for drying the clothes. To control the two pairs of contacts A-A1 (control the drying system power supply), B-B1 (low temperature drying) action by driving the two cams by driving the two gears by speeding the gears by the synchronous micro motor.

At present, the drying timer has two working hours, namely: 0 ~ 120min; 0 ~ 80min.

When the timer is operating at 0 ~ 120min, two pairs of contacts work at the same time, the motor and heater work at the same time. For drying and heating; Dryer Timers when the set time is still remaining 12min, the timer will cut off the B-B1 contacts, so that the drying system for low temperature drying.

When the timer work in 0 ~ 80min, A-A1 contact work, B-B1 contact does not work, Dryer Timers the system only low temperature bake。