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Electric Damper For Living Water Supply System

Oct 25, 2017

The electric damper is just a component. Different damping effects are used in different places or in different working environments. Damper: for vibration reduction; Snubber: Used for shockproof, Electric Damper at low speed to allow movement, in the speed or acceleration over the corresponding value when locked, forming a rigid support.

The quality and characteristic of electric damping equipment is SUS304 stainless steel material, which can be used in the life water supply system. The nature of the connecting thread: the internal and external threads are m20x1.5. Electric damper does not drop the core during working. The installation of the electric damper first connects the external thread of the electric damper with the short tube with the pipe hoop on the pipe; then, Electric Damper the outer thread of the instrument or pressure transmitter is also wrapped with the raw material and screwed into an electric damper, which is tightened with a wrench; Generally, it is suggested that an electric damper be installed on the pressure-collecting end of a meter or a press transmitter. , Electric Damper this can effectively prevent the impact of water hammer, Electric Damper prolong its service life.

Electric Damper Use note: When the water quality is not good, the electric damper is used for a period of time, the capillary passages of its fine teeth may be blocked by stolen goods, please remove the electric damper into the water to wash, remove dirt and then continue to use.

Xi ' An Ding Hing Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. Main functions:

1. Reduce or eliminate the harm of water hammer to the system

2. Limit the peak of the harmful pressure caused by the pump during start-up and shutdown

3, the protection of pipelines, elbows, joints, Electric Damper reduce the impact of pressure fluctuations

4, for metering pump to create a good working environment and improve pump performance

5, and back pressure valve, such as the use can make the pipeline pressure fluctuation close to zero

6, prevent the media from foaming, spraying, Electric Damper and output degradation phenomenon

7, prevent flowmeter and other meters

An electric damper is a device installed on a device and a pipe to prevent damage caused by interference forces (wind loads, earthquakes, relief valves, impact, or the force of a pipe rupture). The use and characteristics of electric dampers in the event of external interference force, Electric Damper the electric damper absorbs the impact and reduces the vibration caused by the impact. In the normal operation of the equipment, the electric damper allows it to operate freely to meet the requirements of the expansion and contraction of the equipment and piping.