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Electric Dampers Play A Role In Shock Absorption

Jul 03, 2017

Electric dampers In life and work, we are more common, it is suitable for a variety of needs to buffer the mechanical movement of a device to ease the friction between the equipment to extend the service life of the product.

Electric dampers make the product get a gentle mechanical movement, improve the quality of goods and longevity. One-way buffer and two-way buffer. Used in computer CD-ROM drive, Electric Damper CD player out of the warehouse, notebook computer opening and closing, seat conditioning, mobile phone flip, cassette cassette, etc.

Features of electric dampers:

Speed, electric dampers according to the speed of change, the torque also changes. The change rule is: the speed increases, the torque also increases. Electric Damper The speed slows down and the torque decreases. Torque is different from standard torque at start-up.

Temperature characteristics, electric dampers according to the use of ambient temperature changes, the torque also changes. The change rule is: the ambient temperature increases when the torque decreases, the ambient temperature decreases when the torque increases. This is because the ambient temperature changes, the electric dampers viscous oil viscosity also changes with the reason. However, when the ambient temperature returns to normal temperature, Electric Damper the torque will return to the original value.

The use of viscous oil on the rotating body parts of the braking effect (resistance), electric dampers sealed in the body of the viscous fat on the movement of the components of the damping force, viscosity of the viscous fat and oil contact area determines the size of the torque generated.

With isolation

First of all, you have to understand the working principle of the isolation method: we simply call it "car-type structure" approach: the bottom of the structure is equipped with a "wheel" - base isolation system, change the structure of the vibration cycle, let it far To avoid the excellent cycle of the ground, it can be the structure of the vibration transferred to the structure of the overall movement, thereby reducing the ground movement on the structure of the upper structure of the impact, so that dynamic braking. Electric Damper The basic vibration isolation changes the structure of the cycle, can greatly reduce the structure of the earthquake in the force. The flexible connection causes the seismic load to be converted into the movement of the structure, which plays a great role in shock absorption. However, it is often unacceptable for the engineering community to produce additional displacements. The electric dampers can successfully reduce the displacement in this vibration,  which has become an indispensable twin means in the base isolation system. For the overall structure to reduce the vibration of the vibration isolation system in the electric dampers should be calculated, the tonnage is not too small.

TMD damping system is a clever use of resonance principle of vibration control of the passive control system. As long as we produce the frequency of the TMD system into the frequency of the vibration mode of the main structure, it is installed in the specific position of the structure. When the vibration of the structure occurs, the inertial mass is resonated with the main structure controlled vibration mode, Vibration, Electric Damper inhibit the effect of controlled structure vibration. That is, with the TMD system to absorb the vibration of the main structure of the vibration mode to achieve the purpose of energy dissipation. TMD is a spring, mass, electric dampers composed of vibration system, the division of the various parts of the different. The main function of the electric dampers is to absorb tmd from the structure of energy - the mass of the vibration energy through its own movement into heat, and release, and thus also help the original structure of the role of energy dissipation. And the electric dampers also act to control the vibration displacement of the mass block, so that the vibration is not too large. There are scholars that electric dampers can also broaden the effective frequency range of tmd and so on.