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High Reliability Of Defrosting Timer Work

Oct 16, 2017

At present, the use of frost-free refrigerator frost Time control, is set in the refrigerator defrost timer to achieve. It keeps the fridge dry by starting running and terminating the time interval to produce defrosting effects. Its structure is mainly composed of micro-motor, gear reducer, CAM and close to the cam three long, Defrost Timer Relay short Reed and so on, the timer compression and defrosting time is through the cam its own irregular characteristics to control the three elastic reed switch between each other. However, since one end of the three reeds is immediately adjacent to the cam, there is a possibility of three reed contacts at the same time. Therefore, Defrost Timer Relay from the above structure can be seen, the existing defrosting timer directly through the rotation of the cam to control three of the reed switch between the break has instability, the work reliability is not high.

defrosting timer, including: Shell, Power department, external electrode, Defrost Timer Relay which is characterized in addition to the deceleration drive mechanism and electrode control mechanism; The power unit is provided with the power spindle with transmission teeth, and the deceleration transmission mechanism includes a multistage deceleration gear, and each gear center is provided with a transmission tooth, And the gear tooth of the gear is meshed with the gears of the lower level reducer, the gear tooth of the first stage gearbox is meshed with the driving gear of the power spindle, and the gear tooth of the last level reducer is driven by the electrode control mechanism, and the deceleration transmission mechanism includes: a shaped chuck arranged on the center hinge of a certain deceleration gear, Defrost Timer Relay The elastic piece connected with the special-shaped chuck plate is provided with a sharp angle which is formed by intersecting a straight line and a smooth convex curve, which extends into the tooth groove between the drive teeth of the power spindle. The patented technology of the invention effectively prevents the reverse rotation of the power spindle and ensures the precision and effect of defrosting time.

defrosting timer, it can make the weight of the timer lighter, smaller size, Defrost Timer Relay improve the reliability of work.

The technical scheme adopted by the utility model to solve the above technical problems is the defrosting timer, including the shell, the shell is equipped with micro-motor, gear reducer, CAM and one end is close to the cam on the three elastic reed, the characteristics of the three reed at the end of the appropriate position to add a block, Defrost Timer Relay The block allows three reed strips to be separated from each other to avoid contact.

Defrost timer is automatic defrost, do not manually to adjust, usually the refrigerator compressor run cumulative to the rated working time value (about 8 hours), defrost timer will automatically turn to defrost status, stop the compressor operation, heat and heating defrost heat pipe. Defrost Timer Relay Defrost after the completion, defrost timer will automatically turn to refrigeration status, blackout heating pipe, power compressor.

defrosting Timer is the original to control the work of defrosting heater, air-cooled refrigerator also known as frost-free refrigerator, at this time defrost timer will give defrost heater power supply to achieve defrost function, in fact, do not use artificial defrosting rather than real frost, Defrost Timer Relay it calculates the working cycle of the compressor, defrosting circuit is for the refrigerator to play an automatic defrost function, General cumulative Compressor Work 8 hours will be executed defrost command, when the compressor does not work defrosting circuit only in the air-cooled refrigerator.

defrosting Timer defrost time is controlled according to the temperature, Defrost Timer Relay when reaching 8 hours 45 minutes or so. When the evaporator surface temperature reaches about 8 degrees. The refrigeration time is fixed, start the next defrost cycle, the timer to connect the press loop, press the machine operation, defrost thermostat action. After about 2 minutes, the heating tube is electrically heated.