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Industrial Commercial Ice Machine In China Industry Profile

Jan 23, 2017

In the 10 years of the 21st century, with the rapid growth of the national economy, ice-making machines field of application development and the increasing market demand, increasing ice machine manufacturer, production has increased steadily, ice-making machines have continued to increase. From the production and sales of foreign-funded enterprises to Chinese enterprises ' technological improvements, yield substantial growth, breakthrough progress has occurred, creating ice maker brilliant national enterprises.

For nearly 10 years, ice-making industry has maintained a rapid development trend, judging from the potential factors that affect the development of industry, primarily technological innovation is relatively weak. Machine precision, manufacturing process, material selection, and so there is a lot of room. The refrigerant development, ice machine energy efficiency achievements, there are still a lot of gaps.

Ice components, research results of less ice machines research and innovation space is relatively large. Ice machines other elements of integrated systems, each based on market demand and production cost of different parts. On business ice machine and integrated system,, its key part refrigeration compressor and business ice parts (evaporator,), refrigeration compressor has international brand of company main concentrated in Europe national and Japan, in recent years, in screw Rod type refrigeration compressor of development aspects, China also made has great of development, by Xian traffic University and Yantai ice round Group AG joint development of has more items patent and independent intellectual property of screw Rod type refrigeration compressor technology won national science and technology progress second prize, The energy efficiency and noise indicators have reached the international advanced level.