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Motor Damper Effective To Prevent The Impact Of Water Hammer

The quality and characteristics of motor damping equipment are SUS304 stainless steel material, which can be used in the life water supply system; The nature of the connecting thread: both internal and external threads are m20x1.5. Motor damper does not drop core during working. The installation of the motor damper first connects the external thread of the motor damper with the short tube with the pipe hoop on the pipe; then, AC Motor Damper the outer thread of the instrument or pressure transmitter is also wrapped with the raw material and screwed into the motor damper, which is tightened with a spanner; Generally, it is suggested that one instrument or one pressure transmitter be fitted with an electrical damper. , this can effectively prevent the impact of water hammer, AC Motor Damper prolong its service life.

Motor Damper Use note: The water quality is not good, the motor damper used for a period of time, its fine teeth part of the capillary channel may be stolen, please remove the motor damper into the water wash, AC Motor Damper remove dirt before continuing to use.

A motor damper is a device installed on a device and a pipe to prevent damage caused by interference forces (wind loads, earthquakes, relief valve exhaust, impact, or the force of a pipe rupture). The use and characteristics of motor damper when the external interference force occurs, the motor damper absorbs the impact and reduces the vibration caused by the impact. In the normal operation of the equipment, the motor damper allows it to operate freely to meet the requirements of the expansion and contraction of the equipment and piping.

Motor Damper Features: The use of magnets to generate damping effect, because no contact, no sliding friction, so the torque of the output is stable and long-lasting.

Changing the angle of one of the magnets can get different attractions, so the adjustment is simple.

The transmission wheel is made of slingshot glue, and the enameled wire is rolled forward to avoid scratching the skin film.

The rotational parts are made of lightweight and tightly fastened materials, AC Motor Damper and the moment of inertia is small.

Compact structure, easy installation.

The main part of the motor damper is two heavy objects weighing about 150 tons each, suspended at 90 floors (395 metres). When a strong wind strikes, AC Motor Damper the device uses sensors to detect the size of the wind and the degree of shaking of the building, and through the computer through the spring, hydraulic device to control the counterweight object to the opposite direction of movement, AC Motor Damper thereby reducing the degree of shaking the building. It works like a man in a rocking boat, moving his body in the opposite direction of the boat, to strike a balance.