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Solenoid Valve Fault

Jan 23, 2017

Solenoid valve is a solenoid Coil and core, and contains one or more holes in the valve body. When the coil is energized or loses power, the core operations will cause the fluid through the valve body or is cut off, for the purpose of changing the direction of fluid. Solenoid valve solenoid part consists of fixed iron core, moving iron core, coils and other components; part of the valve body by sliding spool, spool valve, spring base and so on. Electromagnetic coils were mounted directly on the valve body, the valve body is enclosed in a sealed tube, forming a combination of simple, compact. Our electromagnetic valves are commonly used in the production of two-position three way, two four-way, five-port, two-position, etc. Let us talk about the two meanings: for solenoid valve is electrically charged, and lose the power, under the control of the valve is opened and closed.

Solenoid valve fault will directly affect the switching valve and control valve action, common defective solenoid valve is not action, from the following to troubleshoot:

1, solenoid valve wiring loose or head off, solenoid valve shall not, fasten thread ends.

2, solenoid valve coil burnt out, remove solenoid valve, wiring, measured with a multimeter, if open, the solenoid valve coil burnt. Why coil gets wet, cause bad insulation and magnetic flux leakage, resulting in excessive current in a coil burnt, so to prevent rainwater from entering the solenoid valve. In addition, the excellent spring, recoil is too large, too few coils, coil can be burned enough suction. Emergency handling, manual button on the coil works can be brought when the "0" to "1" position, valve open.