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Solenoid Valve Power Supply Condition

Jan 23, 2017

1) according to the type of power supply, AC and DC solenoid valves respectively. In General AC power convenience;

2) voltage selection priority for specification AC220V.DC24V;

3) supply voltage fluctuation usually communicate using +%10%.-15%, DC allow ยกร % 10, if the variance, regulated measures to be taken;

4) should be based on the rated current of power capacity and power consumption. It should be noted that VA value when the Exchange started higher, capacity should be chosen indirectly guided electromagnetic valve.

Control accuracy

1) solenoid valves only open and close the two position control of high precision and parameter requirements needed for smooth choose the number of solenoid valves;

2) operating time: refers to the signal on or off the main valve finish;

3) leakage: sample leakage value is given on the economic level.