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Solenoid Valve Selection

Jan 23, 2017

1) solenoid valve selection of main control parameters for the size and the allowed temperature range, interface design nominal pressure, medium size, and so on.

2) solenoid valve is a solenoid drive opening and closing of the valve, typically used for Aperture in the two position control of 40mm, connected, especially for cutting or converting a gas, fluid, etc.

3), valve sealing performance is one of the main indicators of quality of check valves. Valve sealing performance mainly consists of two aspects, namely the internal leakage and leakage. Internal leakage is the seat and reached close to medium integrity. Leakage refers to the leakage of valve stem packing parts, gaskets parts of leakage and leakage of valve caused by defects. Leakage is not allowed to happen.

4) solenoid valve main advantage is small, reliable, convenient and cheap. Be aware of when choosing according to process requests for normally open or normally closed.