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The Defrost Timer Prevents The Power Spindle From Rotating In The Reverse Direction

Jun 02, 2017

Defrost timer manufacturing technology

The deceleration timer includes a housing, a power part and an external electrode, characterized in that it comprises a deceleration transmission mechanism and an electrode control mechanism, the power part is provided with a power main shaft with a transmission gear, the speed reduction transmission mechanism comprises a multi- Each center of the reduction gear is provided with a central rotary shaft with gear teeth and the gear teeth of the reduction gears of the next stage, the teeth of the reduction gears located at the first stage are engaged with the transmission teeth of the power main shaft, The gears of the reduction gears located at the last stage drive the electrode control mechanism, Defrost Timer Relay and the speed reduction transmission mechanism further includes a shaped chuck mounted on the center shaft of a reduction gear, an elastic member connected to the profiled chuck, The disk is provided with a sharp corner formed by a line intersecting a straight line and a smooth convex curve which extends into the tooth groove between the transmission teeth of the power spindle. The patented technology of the invention effectively prevents the reverse rotation of the power spindle and ensures the accuracy and effect of the defrosting time.

The method of making the defrost timer

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The utility model relates to a timer, Defrost Timer Relay and more particularly to a refrigerator defrost timer for controlling timing defrosting of a refrigerator.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The time control of the automatic defrosting used by people is achieved by the defrost timer set in the refrigerator. Defrost when the cam switch on the heater, so that the refrigerator temperature rise, the evaporator on the frost layer to melt. After the defrosting, the cam switch is connected to the cooling and fan power and continues to cool so that the residual heat remaining in the defrost around the evaporator has not been taken away by the evaporator and forced into the chill chamber by the convection fan Room temperature recovery accelerated, affecting the performance of the refrigerator. The timer is driven by the motor, Defrost Timer Relay decelerated by the gear reduction mechanism, and by the ratchet unidirectional transmission torque, reverse adjustment knob positioning position; so that the structure of the timer is too complex, the assembly process is not reliable.

The existing technology in the refrigerator defrost timer by the synchronous motor, cam switch, contact, shell composed of four parts. Cam switch control components, has been patented by the patent number 92221535.9 of the Chinese utility model patents. The refrigerator defrost timer is a switch control assembly that includes a cam switch and a conductive connection frame. The cam switch is composed of four long and short reeds of cam and abutting cam, Defrost Timer Relay and each spring is located on both sides of one end of the cam.

The micro-synchronous motor is usually composed of stator, rotor, winding coil composed of three parts, the body of the directional device is generally used arm fork shape, this shape is always running in a friction state, not only produce noise, but also loss of mechanical energy, Reduce the service life; Defrost Timer Relay and the traditional micro-synchronous motor reduction ratio is relatively small, with supporting products to increase the number of reduction gears and assembly process reliability is poor, and the matching product volume is relatively large.