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In 1876, the United Kingdom surgeon SOCA obtained a patent for a timing device, the switch used to control gas Street. Using driven mechanical clock switch to control gas valve. Clockwork once a week at first, and after 1918 using electric clock timer, you don't have to wind it up. As living standards improve, timer is more and more versatile. Like water machine, water heater timer, now with power timer, regular boot, regular shutdown, energy-saving, the use of safe and healthy.

Timing tool is used for the earliest human hourglass or water leakage, but watch the birth of mature, people began to try to use this new timing tools to improve timers, achieve the purpose of accurate time. Timer is a great invention, making quite a lot of work needs to be controlled is much easier. Even the timer used in the military, made the bomb, timed detonators. Now many appliances are fitted with a timer to control the switch or working hours.